Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Remodeling Your Small Kitchen

Byron Gutierrez

A small kitchen is one of the most fun to remodel. With the right work, a tiny, cramped space can seem like a vibrant, thriving area. Just know the following about the entire process:

You Might Need Permission From Your Town

For such a small space, it would seem silly to think that your town cares at all about what you're doing. However, many towns require permission and permits for any renovations or remodeling. This is true in part because of plumbing and sewer issues that will affect the amount of water you send into the town's municipal supply. To be sure, call and ask about any necessary documentation.

You Must Remember Vertical Space

For those with small kitchens, it's not enough to plan a floor layout, especially if you plan to spend a great deal of time in the room. Instead, be certain that you do a lot of planning with the walls. For example, you may forgo cabinets altogether in favor of elegant shelving and in the process, have a kitchen which feels larger and less confining.

You Could Be the Reason for Those Cost Increases

An estimate is only that; costs can change for many reasons during a project. However, some of those changes could be directly related to your decisions, especially if your preference changes or you ask for something new. Because you have a small kitchen, your mind may be working in overdrive for just the right pieces; if you see something that you think will work better, you may request changes. For instance, the granite countertops you wanted months ago may switch to smaller marble countertops. That single decision can mean hours of extra manpower and shipping times. Try to keep your wishes static as much as you're able. Don't constantly spring new ideas on your contractors.

You Must Consider the Entire Property

What many people don't think about when remodeling is that the choices they make there could have repercussions in other areas. This can be even truer if the small kitchen is part of a small home that needs more work itself. For example, if you install a garbage compactor, you may not realize that you're making the sewer system work harder and you're likely to need your septic tank cleaned and drained more than usual. If you're adding beautiful new lighting, you may be overloading some of the circuits and need an overhaul of your house's wiring. Keep such issues in your thoughts as you plan.

Your small kitchen can be an entirely new space after the work is done. Just remain aware of these details and work with professionals throughout the project. Contact a company like Venters' Construction Inc for more information and assistance. 


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Starting the New Year with a New Business

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