Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger With Help From Remodeling Professionals

Byron Gutierrez

Increasing the size of your bathroom may not be a feasible option. But, you may feel like your bathroom is small, which can prevent you from enjoying the time that you spend in the room. To fix this problem, you should invest in bathroom remodeling to make the room feel larger.

Shower Door

An excellent place to start is with the shower. If your shower setup requires you to use curtains, you may have a colorful or decorative design to add style to the bathroom. But, this can make the bathroom feel small when the shower area takes up a large portion of the room. Switching to clear curtains could help, but you will have a bigger impact with a clear glass shower door.

If you already have a shower door that is frosted or etched, you should consider switching to clear glass because you will walk into a room and see everything including the shower space.


Adding extra windows is an effective way to make the space feel larger. You will want to get strategical with their placement so that you do not sacrifice privacy in the bathroom. If you have a large bathtub, you can add a window above it because you will always be sitting in the bath.

Another option is to add windows near the top of the wall. This will not provide you with a view, but the extra natural light will help to make the room appear larger by brightening it up.


If you want to try out an easy strategy, you should consider painting the ceiling and walls. Going for a light color will have a positive impact and keeping everything in the same color will help.


When you put in additional windows, adding mirrors to the bathroom will play an even more important role compared to if you did not install any at all. Mirrors provide reflections that can make the room look larger and you will get a lot more light reflection with extra mirrors.

To continue with your strategy that comes from painting, you can invest in mirror frames that are white or in the same light color that you intend on painting the entire bathroom.

With so many ways that you can work on your bathroom to make it feel larger, you can choose from one, two, or even all the methods and enjoy positive results. Contact a specialist like J. Forrest Development for more information and assistance. 


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Starting the New Year with a New Business

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