Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Do You Really Need A Water Softener?

Byron Gutierrez

If you have hard water in your area, your plumber may have recommended installing a water softener. After looking at the price of these systems, you may question whether this appliance really is needed. So is a water softener just a luxury item, or is it worth the investment? 

Water hardness is not a black and white matter. Rather, hardness exists on a spectrum. The term "hardness" refers to water that has higher levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium. The more minerals, the harder the water. If your water is just slightly on the hard side, you may be okay without a water softener. But if your plumber has specifically recommended a softener, it's probably because you have very hard water.

There are a few reasons why installing a water softener is really important when you have substantially hard water:

1. Hard Water Leaves Mineral Deposits

The minerals in the water tend to fall out of solution. They land on and around your water fixtures, and they also form big deposits inside your fresh water pipes. Over the years, these deposits might start blocking your pipes, and if this happens, you will need to have your pipes replaced. This is a project that costs significantly more than installing a water softener. Cleaning the deposits off your faucets is no fun, either.

2. Hard Water Makes You Feel Uncomfortable

Are you itchy? Is your hair always dry, too? These are the effects of showering in hot water. The minerals form a sort-of barrier over your skin and hair, keeping moisturizers and conditioners from having direct contact. It will take you a lot of soap to generate a lather in hard water since the minerals bond with the soap. So you may never feel like you are quite getting clean, either.

3. Hard Water Is Bad For Appliances

If you use a coffee maker, washing machine, or water filter, then be aware that hard water will probably cause it to fail prematurely. The minerals will deposit inside the narrow channels and valves within the appliances until water can no longer make its way through. The cost of new water-using appliances can really add up over the years.

So, the moral of the story is as follows. Water softeners can be expensive, but they are often less expensive than dealing with the negative effects of hard water over the years. If you plumber has recommended a water softener, you'd best follow this advice.


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