Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Need A Dock For Your Boat? A Few Reasons To Choose Aluminum

Byron Gutierrez

If you own a waterfront home, you probably want some type of dock over the water. Whether you are replacing a damaged dock, getting a boat in the near future, or just want a place to sit and relax out on the water, you should consider going with aluminum. Here are just a few of the reasons you will find this is the best option.


Whether the body or water outside your home is salt or fresh, the aluminum will not be affected as it washes over the dock. The salt will not corrode it and the water itself will not seep into it, cause it to swell or rot. In addition, aluminum is much stronger than wood and it will last longer.


A wooden dock will need to be sealed every few years or the water will get into it and cause serious damage. An aluminum dock requires nothing more than the occasional washing to keep it looking good. While salt from the water may dry on the dock and cause it to look dusty, it will not damage it. You can use a power washer or simply spray it down with a hose. If there is a lot of salt, dirt, or other debris dried to the dock, you may use a cleaning solution to help remove it.


If you do not stay at the waterfront home year-round, or do not want anyone messing around on the dock during the cold weather, an aluminum one can be easily taken apart and stored. In addition, if you find that you need to move the dock to an area with deeper water for your boat, this can be done as well.


You may start with a simple straight dock to sit on and relax. If you have an aluminum one, you can easily add on to it any time you need more room. In addition, you can make the dock a different shape or design. You can add to or take away from an aluminum dock as the need changes.

When you have a waterfront home, the ability to get out over the water, or tie up watercraft to keep it from floating away is not only for your benefit, but it will increase the value of the property. If you rent the place out at times, a dock will allow you to increase the rent. If you decide to sell, a dock will bring you better offers. Consider an aluminum dock and increase all the benefits a dock provides. 


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Starting the New Year with a New Business

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