Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Tile And Laminate Are Great Bathroom Floor Materials

Byron Gutierrez

When it comes to home remodels, the bathroom is always great room to focus on. Bathroom remodels are very cost effective because the space is small and the cost of supplies is minimal. The floor is always a great place to start when it comes to upgrading your bathroom. Whether you are updating your bathroom floor because it desperately needs a facelift, or if you just want to give it a fun, new style, you obviously need to choose a material that is well-suited to the moist environment of the bathroom. This article compares some of the most popular materials for bathroom floors.

Tile in a Bathroom

Tile is a great bathroom floor material, and it looks best when you have other tile components throughout the room. For instance, you can have tile countertops and a tile bathtub basin or shower walls. A floor that transitions seamlessly into a tile bathtub basin is a great way to add class to any bathroom.

Choosing the Right Tiles

Of course, not all tile products are exactly the same. Some products are perfectly waterproof, while others need to be sealed. For instance, a ceramic tile is going to have a glaze that will protect the tile from water, soap scum, mold, and bacteria. On the other hand, a raw stone tile is going to be porous and absorb a lot of this moisture and resulting bacteria. Therefore, it will need to be cleaned regularly and resealed over the years to protect it from moisture damage. Regardless of what type of tile you choose, you will still need to worry about sealing the grout. Grout, needs to be sealed because it is porous and absorbent. Otherwise, you can have all sorts of moisture damage.

Laminate in a Bathroom

Laminate is another popular bathroom flooring material. Laminate is definitely a more practical choice because it is so much easier to maintain. Laminate is essentially waterproof, which means that it can stand up all the moisture in a bathroom. You never need to seal, stain, or refinish laminate flooring.

Laminate is also much more affordable than tile. The installation alone is only going to cost a fraction of the installation of a tile floor. That being said, some people don't like laminate floors and think that they look like linoleum. In the end, it is really a matter of personal opinion. If you want the most practical and easiest to maintain products, laminate is hard to beat. However, if you want the look of a real tile floor, you can definitely achieve it with a variety of great tile products. You just need to be willing to invest in a little bit of extra maintenance over the years.

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