Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Great Ways To Add Style To Concrete

Byron Gutierrez

You might not notice it until you are shopping for new concrete, but there seem to be a million different types of concrete finishes. If you are walking around your neighborhood, going to a mall, or checking out properties, you should look at the different concrete finishers. If you are going to invest in new concrete for your property, you should figure out what styles you like beforehand. This article is a guide to a few of the best options for residential concrete finishes.

Shiny Finishes

You've probably seen concrete that is smooth and shiny. This can look sleek and attractive, but there are some drawbacks that could be a problem. First of all, glazed or polished concrete can be slippery if it gets wet. Also, since it doesn't absorb any moisture, even a light rain and can be dangerous In fact, some moist climates have enough morning dew to build up and become slippery.

The best thing about shiny finishes is the fact that that it is very easy to clean. Dirt does not soak into the concrete.

Granular Concrete

On the opposite end of the spectrum are granular concrete finishes. These finishes consist of raw concrete aggregate that is left exposed to create a texture. The aggregate often has different colors that contrast between the rock and the cement. However, granular finishers are not ideal for every property. Some people like the fact that they absorb water, so they don't get as slippery. This makes granular concrete quite practical for moist climates.

Even though they are more likely to absorb dirt stains, the rough surface it is easy to scrub and clean. The grip of rougher concrete could make it the perfect material for a sloped surface, like your driveway.

Colored and Stamped Finishes

Homeowners are always interested in colored concrete finishes. Most concrete colors are very subtle and look best when used in moderation. For instance, it looks great if your concrete is a natural tone that matches your building's walls. Stamped concrete is another popular way to add some distinction to concrete. Stamped surfaces are a fun way to make ordinary concrete little more stylish.

Obviously, some of these finishes can be combined. For example, you could have a stamped texture that is glazed on top. Or, you could have a granular product that is tinted. There are many great products that you can combine for fun finishes. For more information, contact a company like Claggett & Sons Inc.


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Starting the New Year with a New Business

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