Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Remodeling All Of Your Bathrooms? How To Approach This So That You Never Go Without A Working Toilet

Byron Gutierrez

A lot of homes in America have one and one-half baths. Several more have two full baths and one "powder room, " or half bath. If you have decided that all of your bathrooms need remodeling, you can do this without going without a working toilet and sink for months. Here are some of the more common approaches that general contractors use to complete bathroom remodeling projects spanning over several bathrooms. 

Three Different Contractors, Three Jobs

Sure, hiring three different general contractors, one for each bathroom or half bathroom, seems a little extreme. However, when you hire three contractors, you are certain to get the jobs done three times as fast. Better still, if one contractor slows down on completing one of your bathrooms, one of the other two contractors is sure to pick up and finish one of the other bathrooms, or help finish the one bathroom that the slower contractor is not able to finish at the moment. 

Start With the Powder Room/Half Bath

If your contractor starts with the half bath, then you still have use of the other one or more bathrooms in your home. After the half bath is complete, the contractor can work simultaneously on the other bathrooms in the house. Meanwhile, you still have the half bath, or powder room, to use for personal needs. As each bathroom is fully remodeled, you can use the half bath, and then each full bathroom as they are completed. 

Rent a Bathroom Trailer

If you want a contractor (or more than one contractor) to go whole-hog on bathroom remodeling, rent a bathroom trailer. A bathroom trailer contains a sink, mirror, vanity, and a couple of toilets for personal use. The more deluxe models also have showers. From the outside, these trailer bathrooms only resemble a work trailer. From the inside, they are very similar to most public restrooms but seem more posh because they are only for your personal use. Rent such a trailer for the duration of your bathroom remodel, and you will have full access to all of the restroom facilities you and your family need.

Be Ready With Alternatives

In all of the above approaches, you may hit a snag. It is not likely, but if it does happen, do you have a backup plan? Know exactly what you are going to do if your bathrooms are ripped apart, your restroom trailer is not delivered on time, your contractor(s) have family or work emergencies, etc.

For more information and tips, contact your local bathroom remodeling service. 


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Starting the New Year with a New Business

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