Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

What Are Roof Box Vents?

Byron Gutierrez

The attic is always a space that nobody really thinks about. Things that you don't need right now go up there, like seasonal decorations. It's cold and musty in the winter, it's hot and stuffy in the summer. But that might be due to your roofing not having proper ventilation, and not having proper ventilation can cause more problems than you know. 

Poor ventilation, in your roofing area, will allow warm air to collect in your attic. During the winter months, the warm air from below will react with the cold air outside of the attic space and create in condensation. Water in your attic space is the last thing anybody wants. A wet or damp attic can cause lots of problems, such as watermarks on your ceilings, wood rot or bowing wooden beams, paint to peel and even ice during the very cold months. The way to save yourself from these problems is to ensure your attic is ventilated properly. 

The are lots of innovative ways to ventilate your attic, but the most common are ridge vents and box vents. Ridge vents run along the entire peak of your roof, while box vents are smaller and are installed over small holes between rafters. Ridge vents require a suitable peak to be installed on and are more difficult to fit retrospectively. Box vents, on the other hand, are able to be installed relatively easily into most attic spaces. 

So what is a box vent? Like the name suggests, it's a small vent in the shape of a box, and it's put into your roofing between the rafters to allow hot air to escape. Rather than using any electricity to work, box vents use the breeze and natural convection to let hot air and moisture trapped in the attic out through the vent. For box vents to be the most effective, you need to have an open attic space and you will need more than one.

Not everyone can have a box vent, but houses with uniquely designed roofs and homes with small roof ridges are perfect and may not be able to have any other types of ventilation.  

Your roof protects you from more than just the wind and rain, so if you're thinking about installing ventilation in your roofing space make sure you speak to a roofing professional. A roofing contractor will ensure you have the best products installed, to keep you warm and dry. For more information, visit a site like


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