Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

4 Commercial Cases an HVAC Specialist Can Solve

Byron Gutierrez

You might think to call an HVAC company when you have trouble at home with your heating and cooling, but HVAC handymen can also take care of your public and commercial needs. Take a look at these situations where a commercial HVAC company can really help you out: 

1. The Case of an Overheated Museum: 

The situation is sweating visitors and red-faced employees who use any excuse they can to step outside. When you find your museum has an air conditioning problem and your exhibits are being ignored because no one can stand the uncomfortably high temperature, calling in an expert is probably a good idea. A commercial HVAC service can find out what is wrong with your system and repair the AC so you can return to working order. The result is happy patrons and focused employees. 

2. The Case of a Freezing City Council: 

The situation is a lack of heating in city hall that has left the city council bundled up in coats during their meetings and talking about hot tubs and trips to the Bahamas. You should probably call a commercial HVAC company before your city council turns to ice cubes in their seats. HVAC technicians are well acquainted with heating problems. Lack of maintenance is one of the biggest culprits of a problem with your heater. HVAC services can also provide regular maintenance on your heater and air conditioner to help you avoid a cold city hall. The end result, when you get your problem solved, is toasty city council members who are ready to make well-thought-out decisions that don't involve installing a giant hot tub in the middle of city hall. 

3. The Case of the Stuffy Restaurant:  

The case starts off with a musty, hard to breathe in restaurant that smells perpetually funky. If you are the owner of this unfortunate restaurant, don't panic; your problem might just be inadequate ventilation. A commercial HVAC technician can assess your ventilation and offer options to fix the stifling air. The end result is a pleasant smelling and fresh feeling restaurant that has patrons hungry for more. 

4. The Case of the Melted Ice Cream:

The sorry case is an ice cream shop with nothing more than a messy melted mess in the freezer. Luckily, many commercial HVAC companies also specialize in refrigeration and can help fix a broken fridge or freezer and restore your ice cream shop to its former glory, much to the joy of the local juvenile population. Result: solid ice cream and happy children. 


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Starting the New Year with a New Business

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