Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Vinyl Windows: They're Not A Gimmick

Byron Gutierrez

It seems that everywhere you turn, companies are installing vinyl windows. You have to look pretty hard to find a window installer who offers real wood windows these days. Composite windows are around, but you often have to request them, and aluminum windows are getting rarer by the day. Sometimes when a material becomes popular so quickly, that material is a bit of a gimmick. But this is not the case with vinyl windows. Rather, vinyl has taken over the window industry because — well — it really is awesome. Here are some key benefits of using vinyl over other window materials.

Vinyl doesn't deteriorate in the presence of water

Windows get wet. The outsides get wet when it rains, and the insides get wet when you clean them. Wood does not react well to moisture. It swells and eventually rots. Aluminum eventually corrodes in the presence of moisture. Vinyl, however, is basically unaffected by moisture. This means windows made from vinyl won't bow, rot, or start corroding. You can wash the windows with all the water you want, and you don't have to worry when it rains out.

Vinyl can be made in any color

With many other window materials, if you want the windows to be a certain color, you have to paint them. The paint will eventually flake off, and then you'll have to re-paint the windows. Vinyl never needs to be painted. It can be made in almost any color, and most vinyl window companies offer a rather good color selection. So, if you order green window sashes, they will be green all the way through. They won't chip paint and start looking uneven in a few years.

Vinyl is a good insulator

These days, energy efficiency is paramount in home building. If you want your home to be efficient, vinyl windows are the obvious choice. They don't transfer heat easily like aluminum windows. And they don't chip away from the glass, leading to leaks, like wooden windows do as they age. Many homeowners have lower heating and cooling bills once they have vinyl windows installed on their homes, and who doesn't like that?

When something becomes popular, it's wise to ask why. Sometimes, the answer is just "good marketing." Other times, the answer is that the item really is awesome. The latter is true of vinyl windows. They're revolutionary and offer a lot of advantages for homeowners.

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