Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

5 Steps To Find The Right Location For A Home Bar

Byron Gutierrez

A home bar is a luxury item that many homeowners dream of but may not think they can actually have. However, a home bar can be added to many houses with a little creative thinking. To help you find the right bar for your home entertaining plans, here are five steps you can take.

1. Decide on a Wet or Dry Bar

A wet bar has a sink and faucet for washing up and filling beverages. A dry bar, then, is simply a bar with no sink. Wet bars require plumbing, so they are a more complex and possibly more expensive remodel to undertake. You might also need to use existing plumbing fixtures. A dry bar can go practically anywhere. Which type you want will inform your decision about location. 

2. Assess Your Actual Needs

While most people would love an expansive and complete bar at home, this isn't actually necessary. Assess how you actually make drinks, store wine, or pour beer. You may find that a small bar with storage tailored to your specific preferred beverages can fit in a smaller space than you think. If space is an issue, don't forget to make use of all vertical space by adding storage above and below. 

3. Start With the Kitchen

In many cases, the kitchen is the most logical and easiest place to add a bar. This is because it has built-in plumbing and is already a designated place for food and beverage preparation. It's also usually close to areas where people entertain. And its materials are designed to protect against moisture, leaks, and spills. Look for unused space in the kitchen that can be converted, especially if it's near an entrance. 

4. Consider Unused Rooms

Many homes may have underutilized rooms. A bar could be a great way, for example, to recapture some of that unused space in a dining room your family doesn't actually use. You might carve out space in a family room after the kids have moved out. Or perhaps you aren't taking full advantage of your basement. Rethinking existing spaces for new uses takes some creativity, but it can yield great results. 

5. Try the Outdoors

If your home is small or it's already full, try taking your bar outside. A backyard bar doesn't take up any interior room and extends your home's useful space beyond its four walls. Outdoor bars may need some additional planning, such as protection from winter elements, but they can also take advantage of plumbing in walls and the structure of a patio or deck. 

Ask a home remodeling contractor for additional information about adding on to your home.  


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