Starting the New Year with a New Business

Starting the New Year with a New Business

Aluminum Siding Does Have Some Advantages

Byron Gutierrez

You don't see a lot of aluminum siding these days. Most people opt for vinyl, and some opt for composite. However, aluminum siding does still exist, and there are cases in which it's a good choice for homeowners. Here are a few of the key advantages of aluminum siding to consider if you're about to re-side your home.

Aluminum siding is inexpensive

Aluminum, in and of itself, is a fairly inexpensive material — especially when compared to other siding materials such as vinyl and composite. A lot of aluminum is obtained from recycled materials, too, which makes it even cheaper. If you are on a really limited budget and need to re-side a home, choosing aluminum might allow you to go ahead with the process sooner. People sometimes use aluminum siding as an inexpensive solution for a second cottage home, or on a home that they plan to fix up and resell.

Aluminum siding performs well in cold climates

If you live somewhere really cold, you will probably see more aluminum siding when you drive around town. In such climates, vinyl siding does not perform the best because it can become brittle with exposure to the cold. Composite has some cold-related shortcomings, too. Aluminum, on the other hand, tends to do really well in the cold. It doesn't warp, become brittle, or snap, even if it's below zero out for weeks on end. If you live in a cold climate, aluminum siding is definitely something to consider.

Aluminum reflects sunlight

Aluminum is shiny. Even once aluminum siding is painted, it continues to be more reflective than most other siding materials. This means that in the summer, your aluminum siding won't get too warm. As a result, your air conditioning bills should be lower than you'd see with other types of siding.

There are ways to make aluminum even more energy-efficient if desired. You can have insulation installed beneath the siding to perform as a second heat barrier. You can also choose a lighter color of siding, which means it will reflect even more sunlight. Light gray, cream, and white siding all work well this way.

Aluminum siding may not be everywhere anymore. But it is still available, and in certain situations, it may still be the right choice for your home. Talk to a siding company, such as America's Best Choice Siding and Windows (ABCNWA), to learn more not only about aluminum but also about other siding materials that can work well.


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